Petrie Polo Boots 25% discount P506-7.0 Petrie Superior Classic in black UK size 7.0 48-36 L

The new Polo Petrie Superior is dressage boot fully zipped at the front and a zipper at the back provides a easy entry. The bootleg has an extraordinary elegant and slender fit and is very tight around the ankle with fully calf leather lining.
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The new Petrie Polo Superior Classic features is a laced riding boot at the front  (with protector strap) and a long zipper at the back for easy entry. The bootleg has an extraordinary elegant and slender fit and fits closely around the ankle with full calf leather lining. One of the characteristics of this boot is the lower heel-reinforcer of the boot. This reduces the pressure on the rider's ankle to ensure maximum comfort. It is also ideal for training. The Ago glued sole has a non-slip profile and is extremely durable. The standard version has a light colored sole and heel and the Petrie removable comfort insole.

Petrie Superior Classic P506  is custom made in black calf leather UK size in 7.0(US size 9.0)with a shaft height at the back of 48 (without heel)and a calf outline of 36cm series L

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