CYB - Customize Your Boot



Would you also like to have a perfectly fitting Petrie riding boot based on a renewed "Customize Your Boots" program? No ready-made boots with standard series sizes, but a riding boot designed by you, made to your own measurements.

Fill in the MEASUREMENTS FORM with your measurements and order boots with your specific preferences via the website at CYB and until the end of July 2020, you will receive an extra 15% discount Voucher Code and 10% Cash discount together 25% discount

You can design your own individual Petrie riding boots via internet. You may choose from a wide variety of models, colors, leather types and related accessories. The choice is entirely up to you: from classic riding boots with subtle nuances to your own personal style. You can use the Petrie platform to save your self-designed boot to your email address and it will automatically link through. You receive a Voucher code and I kindly request to send this code to me on [email protected]

Of course, you will be able to get all the support you need to design your own riding boots via [email protected]. It goes without saying that filling in the size form is essential!

Model Dublin CYB

Rind €536 now €399

Calf €779 now € 584

Model Coventry CYB

Rind € 536 now € 399

Calf € 779 now € 584

Model Sportive CYB

Calf € 935 now 700

Model Stockholm CYB

Calf € 779 now € 584

Model Olympic CYB

Rind € 536 now €399


Anky Elegance CYB

Rind € 710 now € 532

Calf € 939 now € 704

Model Athene CYB

Rind € 599 now € 449

Calf € 809 now € 599

Model Florence CYB

Calf € 1027 now € 769

Model Superior CYB

Rind € 599 now € 449

Calf € 809 now € 607

Model Polo Rome CYB

Rind € 704 now € 528

Calf € 914 now € 685

Model Sublime CYB

Rind € 718 now € 539

Calf € 922 now € 690

Model Significant CYB

Rind € 746 now € 559

Calf € 956 now € 717

CYB (Customize Your Boot)

At you can create your own unique Petrie riding boots online. Choose from various models, colours, leather and accessories. The choice is yours: anything from classic boots with subtle adjustments to modern boots in your own personal style.

Customize your ridingboots

CYB - Customize Your Boot
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