Petrie Zipper Boots (at the back) 25% discount Z475-6.0 Petrie Leeds with elastic section black rindleather UK 6.0 47-51.5-50.0 custom

The Leeds is made of soft cow leather, smooth version,with fully calf leather lined bootleg with an elastic section. The Leeds is a very flexible boot, with a very tight fit all over, even around the ankle. The zipper - instead of a rib - at the rear
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The Leeds is made of smooth soft cow leather with a full calf leather lined bootleg. The Leeds is a very flexible boot, with a very tight fit throughout, even around the ankle. The rear zipper runs down the calf to the sole. It is an all-purpose riding boot with an elastic section allowing for 1,5cm stretch around the calf, knee, and ankle.  The boot has a heel reinforcer protector for spurs which also protects the zipper. The Leeds has an elegant carré-mold. The demanding rider will find the special comfort footbed and slim ankle fit very useful.  The Ago glued sole has a non-slip profile and is extremely durable.

This Leeds Z475 is in black rind leather in UK shoe size 6.0 (US size 8.0) with a shaft height of 47cm at the backside (without heel) and calf outline L 51.5cm, and R 50.0cm, crook of knee L 46cm, and R 46.5 custom made. This boot is very suitable for a foot with a high instep and heel or using a special inlay sole

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